Racism in Medical Education, Admissions

Image: Medical schools grapple with upcoming year. MedPage Today. May 9, 2020

Med Twitter is erupting over the administrative debacle of this spring/summer MCAT administration. A group of premedical students, Students for Ethical Admissions, have taken it upon themselves to do the work of collecting and documenting applicants experiences with accommodations, the MCAT, AMCAS and other issues here.  It is worth reading the open-ended comments to see the myriad structural barriers that permeate the entire process of applying to medical school.

As we have seen with UME and GME, there is also a past & present literature on how medical school admissions perpetuates racism within medical education. Few of these studies explicitly call out racism, but together, various examinations of the procedures and metrics show how applicants of color are systematically excluded.

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