Structural Inequities, Aging and Dementia

  • Examining the long-term impacts of exposure to structural racism and structural violence over the life course on aging and cognitive decline among African-Americans. (PI, Co-investigators: Paola Gilsanz, ScD,  Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, PhD; Senior investigators: Lisa Barnes, PhD; Rachel Whitmer, PhD; Maria Glymour PhD); Collaborators: Shekinah Fashaw-Walters, PhD,  Rachel Hardeman, PhD

Diversity,  Equity and Inclusion

Health Workforce

  • Describing the roles, responsibilities, and experiences of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leadership in US schools of medicine (PI: Co-investigators: Eraka Bath, MD, Mark Simon MA, Caitlin Jade Esparza MS3/4, Maya London MS1)
  • Understanding recent reforms and current practices in medical school school admissions: Advancing diversity or reproducing racism?  (PI;  Co-investigators: Rachel Hardeman, PhD, Tonya Fancher MD, Mark Henderson MD, Mark Simon MA)
  • Characterizing experiences of historically excluded  students during the COVID-19 pandemic, preparing and applying for graduate programs in the health professions (PI: Co-investigators: Maribel Ortega BS, Yelitza Campos, BS, Bozhidar Chakalov, MA, Efrain Talamantes, MD, MBA, MS)
  • Examining workplace culture and diversity, equity and inclusion in health services research and health policy (PI: Taylor Rogers, MPH; Co-investigators: Tongtan Chantarat, Carmen Mitchell; Role: Senior Investigator)
  • Measuring the outcomes of the Community Health Scholars programs in the UC Davis School of Medicine (PI: Melody Tran-Reina, MD; Students: UC Davis Rural PRIME track, Maya London MS1; Yelitza Campos, BS. Role: Senior Investigator)
  • Systematic review of evidence of the effects of post-baccalaureate programs on physician workforce practice outcomes (PI: Mallory Johnson, MPA; Role: Senior Investigator)

Diversity,  Equity and Inclusion

Higher Education

  • Experiences of low-income college students in selection of health insurance, access and quality of care (Co-PI: Vicky Vong, UCD-Y4)

Other Collaborations

  • Impact of rural hospital closures on spatial access to care for Black communities in the US South (PI: Arianna Planey, PhD;  Role: Senior Investigator; Co-investigators: Donald Planey, PhD, Sandy Wong, PhD, Sara McLafferty, PhD)

(Projects on  hold)

Healthcare in California’s San Joaquin Valley

Medicaid and Workforce

  • Describing linguistic capacity of Medi-Cal (Medicaid) primary care providers
    • Iv S and Ko M. Examining The Number of San Joaquin Valley Medicaid Primary Care Providers That Offer a Southeast Asian Language. APHA Annual Meeting. Nov 2019.
  • Using managed care plan data to assess Medi-Cal (Medicaid) participation by active licensed physicians
  • Examining linguistic accessibility of Medi-Cal (Medicaid) managed care plan documentation

Community Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics: Supply and Distribution

  • Estimating combined effects of Community Health Centers funding and Medicaid expansion on geographic distribution of primary care safety net providers (PI)

Health Workforce

  • Long-term trends in primary care practice in underserved areas among graduates of participating institutions of the AMA Changing Medical Education Initiative (PI; Co-investigators: Marina Marin; Senior investigators: Tonya Fancher, MD, Marc Triola MD, Mark Henderson, MD)