Works in Progress

Moving beyond allies and accomplices: Asian Americans and racial justice. Co-authors: Victoria Ngo, PhD, Angela Zhang, MD, Russyan Mark Mabeza, MPH, and Monica Hahn, MD.

Organizing for racial justice within academic medicine. Co-author: Eraka Bath, MD.

Racism in peer review. Co-authors: Tongtan (Bert) Chantarat, PhD, Rachel Hardeman, PhD.


Academic publications: Commentaries and essays

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Academic media

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Ko M, Ton H. Why does the Harvard case on Asian American discrimination matter for academic medicine? AM Rounds, Beyond the Pages of Academic Medicine. December 3, 2019.

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News media and other public outlets

Ko M. The anti-Asian racism of US COVID-19 policy. KevinMD. May 4, 2022.

Ko M. It’s time for smart mask policies in schools. Davis Enterprise. March 13, 2022.