Maribel Ortega: Maribel is a first-generation Chicanx student majoring in Global Disease Biology. Her family immigrated from Mexico and she grew up in Oxnard.  She is currently surveying the experiences of pre-health professions applicants applying to health profession graduate programs. She aims to obtain a better grasp of minorities’ experiences in an effort to holistically aid their success, to diversify the healthcare workforce and provide care to underrepresented communities much like their own. She believes uplifting minorities within the health professions will allow for the uplifting of minority communities at large. Her goal is to gain more experience in healthcare and apply to Physician Assistant Programs provide primary care to underserved communities.


Past Members:

Sonam Kumari: Sonam is a first-generation student who graduated from UCD in 2018 with dual degrees in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and Education.   Sonam’s family immigrated from India and prior to coming to UCD, Sonam went to high school in Pittsburg. Sonam examined how primary care providers address poverty-related issues for their patient populations. Her goal is to go to medical school and provide primary care in a community health center.

Sarah Iv: Sarah is a first-generation student who graduated from UCD in 2018 with a degree in Global Disease Biology. Sarah’s family immigrated from Cambodia and Sarah grew up in  Stockton. Sarah worked on a project describing Southeast Asian language access among Medi-Cal primary care providers in the San Joaquin Valley. Her goal is to go to graduate school in public health and work in health education and access to care for Southeast Asian and other underrepresented and marginalized communities. She is strongly interested in using an intersectional lens to view and analyze data and its implications.

Earl Morales: Earl is a first-generation student who is majoring in statistics at UCD. Earl’s family immigrated from the Philippines and he grew up in Pittsburg. Earl assisted with cleaning and compiling data on Medi-Cal primary care providers. His goal is to gain more experience in statistical applications in public health and apply to PhD programs in either biostatistics or epidemiology

Yemi Lawrence: Yemi is recent UCD graduate with a degree in Global Disease Biology. Yemi’s family immigrated from Nigeria and Yemi grew up in Sacramento. Yemi examined quality of care and online reviews of community health centers. Her goal is to go to medical school and work in healthcare and health policy in Nigeria.

Armin Dorri: Armin is a recent UCD graduate and currently a first-year PhD student in pscyhology at UT Austin.  Armin identifies as a gay cis-male of Armenian heritage. Armin examined minority primary care providers’ experiences of bias, harassment and discrimination. His research interests include the impacts of stigma on the mental health of sexual orientation and gender identity minorities, including how the role of stigma in shaping healthcare encounters.