DEI  Research:

  • Understanding recent reforms and current practices in medical school school admissions: Advancing diversity or reproducing racism?  (PI;  Co-investigators: Rachel Hardeman, PhD, Tonya Fancher MD, Mark Henderson MD, Mark Simon MA)
  • Describing the roles, responsibilities, and experiences of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leadership in US schools of medicine (PI: Co-investigators: Eraka Bath, MD, Mark Simon MA, Caitlin Jade Esparza, MD)
  • Measuring the outcomes of the Community Health Scholars programs in the UC Davis School of Medicine (PI: Melody Tran-Reina, MD; Students: UC Davis Rural PRIME track, Maya London MS2; Yelitza Campos, MPH. Role: Senior Investigator)

Health Policy and Health Services Research

  • Examining workplace culture and diversity, equity and inclusion in health services research and health policy (PI: Taylor Rogers, PhD, MPH; Co-investigators: Tongtan Chantarat, PHD, Carmen Mitchell, MPH; Role: Senior Investigator)


  • Characterizing experiences of historically and structurally excluded students during the  preparing and applying for graduate programs in the health professions (PI: Co-investigators: Maribel Ortega BS, Yelitza Campos, BS, Bozhidar Chakalov, MA, Efrain Talamantes, MD, MBA, MS), specifically impacts of educational experiences and costs on application outcomes

Research publications:

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